Strategic Facilitation 

We design and deliver strategic facilitation which supercharges your events by unlocking the collective knowledge in your team, company and eco-system, allowing you to collaboratively make decisions.

This allows you to innovate, improve sustainability of outcomes, create happy engaged people and save consultant fees. 

Whether you are looking to:

  • Organise a collaborative/networking event.
  • Resolve some internal challenges or create a new product/process/strategy.
  • Engage more with your eco-system, team or customers.

A sample of previous work includes:

Brighton Festival- Working with staff and the festival audience to co-create their digital strategy. 

KTN - Malaysian Innovation Agency (AIM),  PlaTCOM Ventures and SME Corp Malaysia. to co-create and deliver a large event in Malaysia bringing together MY city managers to work on urban challenges.

UNESCO- to create a new democratic participatory format for their biannual gathering of presidents to create a list of priorities for the directors consultation.

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