Advances in technology and changes in customer demands can brings opportunity and disruption to industries. How can a company not only maintain its relevance but grow?

With over 22 years experiences working with companies from different industries to enable them to commercialise new products/services, reduce competition and find new customers in order for them to innovative and grow. 


When line producing one of the UK's first digital feature films, Mel realised that digital was changing the production process, and impacting business models. Using her business skills and Advanced Train the Trainer qualification, Mel began designed cutting edge business model innovation and strategy training courses and consultancy services for the film and TV industries. A demand which quickly came from other sectors who were also experiencing disruption. 

Mel works as an Innovation Business Strategist and trainer, across many industries. She enable companies to improve their business model, products and services by working collaboratively with their teams and eco-system. She also works with industries to improve business modelling skills and knowledge sharing.

Today Mel works across many industries including Tech, creative, open data, manufacturing

increased across industries including other parts of the creative industries, Tech, Open Data and Manufacturing.

those who don’t evaluate their existing business, risk losing relevance and market share.


Interactive Train the Trainer and Business Innovation courses will enable you to upskill your teams. Crucial for an innovative company to succeed.

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Business INNOVATion

Learn how to improve revenue streams, create products and services; reach new customers. to grow your business.

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Strategic faciliation

Learn how to make collective decisions; develop a product or strategy or co-create innovative business solutions.

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